Robert V. Fullerton CPA, MBA.

Christian Financial Coach, Author and Speaker.
"Biblical Strategies To Transform Your Finances".
Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Robert and I am a CPA with over 25 years experience in public accounting and as a CFO and Christian business owner (See Robert's Bio).

My Ministry Objective
is to help Christian families and Christian business owners:
  • Resolve their financial issues (by getting to the heart of the matter)

  • Walk honorably before God in their finances (Micah 6:8) and

  • Create financial legacies (sustainable ventures built on sound principles).

Speaking Ministry - Family Financial Issues:

A major part of my outreach involves speaking on personal finances at church meetings, Christian seminars and conferences. I invite you to check out my Robert Speaks page for details of previous talks, as well as the Testimonials page for comments from pastors and participants at my seminars.

Please contact me if you need a dynamic speaker with a unique perspective to speak to your group.

Speaking Ministry - Business Transformation:

Sometimes we find ourselves and our businesses stuck in a rut, doing the same things over and over, hoping for different results. As Christians, we must understand that God has a specific, strategic intent for our businesses, which requires us to press towards the mark of a much higher calling, than just making money.

In my presentations, I show how to build a successful Christian business and how to make what you do count for God and for yourself.
Please see my Robert Speaks page for more on my business transformation presentations.

Coaching and Consulting - Business owners:

I provide hands-on business consulting, financial analysis, strategic advice and CFO services to Christian business owners See Services.

New Book Release:
"God's Strategic Plan"
Check out my new book God's Strategic Plan.

Business success depends on effective strategic planning and execution. The practice of planning strategy, however, did not originate here on earth with man. "God's Strategic Plan" sets out to establish that the Bible is not a random collection of ancient stories, but is in fact a strategic planning document, which surpasses anything that the corporate world has ever seen.

Imbedded in the pages of Scripture is a well thought out, brilliant strategy which not only reveals God's ultimate intent in creating man, but describes the intricate measures He took to establish us as the dominant species on earth.

Robert V. Fullerton, an experienced business professional, takes us behind the scenes to examine the objectives, options and tactics of two opposing supernatural beings, God and Satan, as they contend for lives of men and women since the beginning of man's existence.

This book provides new insight into the strategies adopted by each side in this unseen battle raging in our midst, and drills down to examine the effect that God's Strategic Plan has on our individual lives and destinies.

Thanks for dropping by and may the Lord bless and keep you.


ps. listen to my coaching interview below.
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